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If you are new to first aid training, wish to deliver ITC first aid qualifications and first aid training courses, set up a small business delivering first aid, offer first aid as part of your existing business or deliver fundable first aid training at your educational establishment you will find the information on this site.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that people have about becoming an ITC First Aid Centre, simply follow the links in the menu bar above to find all you need to know to become a provider of recognised first aid training.

How do I become a First Aid Trainer?

A. In the UK a First Aid Trainer has to meet minimum qualification standards [see Skills for Health Assessment Principles for First Aid for current requirements) and be employed by a recognised training business. These businesses are called Centres.

Trainer-Assessors require:

- A teaching qualification e.g. Level 3 Education & Training Award (QCF)
- A current first aid work certificate. Delivered by an awarding body Centre (meeting employer due diligence requirerments)
- Occupational competency. A minimum of 2 sessions teaching and assessing under auspices of experienced trainer/assessor

Approved ITC Centres can provide all necessary qualifications or training for aspiring first aid trainers.

If you have the credentials, simply attend a 2-day Induction event to introduce you to the administration and course resources.

Why do I have to attend a training course?

Trainers are required to hold:

* A 3-day first aid at work certificate, a teaching qualification [minimum PTLLS or L3 Award in Education and Training] and verifiably demonstrate delivery competency. You do not need to attend 'First Aid Instructor' training courses. Indeed these types of certificate will not be recognised by Sector Skills Councils or Awarding Bodies for the purposes of delivering regulated first aid qualifications, after October 2015.

However there are various courses that will assist in the delivery of first aid. Contact ITC for details or visit


Who are ITC?

ITC First is an approved and regulated (by SQA in Scotland, Ofqual in England & the Welsh Government) Awarding Organisation providing training and support for individuals and businesses to deliver environment specific first aid training courses.

ITC is an organisation that has an aspirational ethos, believing in quality, personal integrity and professionalism, believing in the quality package that will make your business succeed and ultimately provide greatest value. ITC First organisation will 'go the extra step' to provide you with the back-up support to 'go the extra step' for your clients.

You will join a national network of like minded, caring, inspirational training organisations that can provide back up for you if you are suddenly indisposed or successfully double booked.

Why use ITC?

ITC has national recognition in more than one sector. It is one of a few Awarding Organisations that have Ofqual and SQA recognition status. Unlike many organisations supporting 3rd party First Aid training organisations ITC do not directly deliver First Aid training. Therefore all leads or enquiries generated by a national presence are passed on to Centres across the UK. Indeed the ITC website provides free listing for all Centres and their training courses.

ITC has been supporting Centres since last century and offers a regular free programme of professional development events, quality assurance opportunities, regular newsletter, technical updates, a national network of trained supportive first aid trainers, local Senior Trainers for advice, office hours support and Trainers resource package. We believe it to be the best package of its type in the country.

What are the benefits for me?

ITC will support you and your business in all aspects not just first aid certification. ITC has verifiable quality assurance systems proven by its status as an Ofqual regulated and SQA accredited Awarding Organisation. ITC Centres have an established reputation for excellent first aid training and being the providers of choice for many organisations. More than that we provide professional development events every month, technical workshops, support to help with your business development, contacts with a network of local potential clients and established trainers to help when things get busy and a wealth of experience to help you get your business off the ground.

As well as systems and procedures ITC Office staff are only to pleased to provide any help or advice that they can.

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What are the costs to me?

Once accredited to deliver any 'ITC First' qualification (first aid) then candidate packs will cost you £10 per candidate or £12.50 per candidate. This fee covers all ITC services. Fees Policy

ITC is a thriving business that believes in linking reward to efforts and developing quality for all concerned with ITC. We could have developed an approval system similar to many others where we would charge a fee and essentially leave you with little individual support to get on with running your own business. However we have developed a quality, supportive accreditation system where you benefit from our experience. Not only meeting minimum standards but aspiring for you to be the best you can be in this sector.

Unlike other organisations just about everything else we do is extremely valuable but FREE to the user. The candidate registration pack fee covers our costs for:

Certification and awarding
Course resources (tailored manual, PowerPoint, administration)
Downloadable teaching programme, assessment and administration documents
Regular Newsletter and digital updates
Regular continuous professional development events
External quality assurance and support
Digital training resources including training the trainer video downloads
ITC Office advice and support from commited people who know you and the sector
Free advertising of your courses on the ITC website

We also provide business services for new Centres allowing them to:

Develop websites integrated wth the ITC database to avoid multiple typing of candidate details etc.
Develop easily produced websites from a standard format that can be individualised e.g. ITC templated website
Insurance services
Use template ITC policy documents to adapt to their own businesses
Telephone or email business queries answered

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I have clients now and cannot wait until I am accredited to deliver, what do I do?

ITC Centres may advertise any ITC qualification, use ITC logos and expertise. They must employ a qualified Trainer / Assessor who is acredited to deliver the particular qualification. ITC will provide names and contact details of local accredited Trainers who have asked to be considered for working for new ITC businesses in these circumstances.

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Questions? - contact ITC: click here to send an email or telephone 0845 370 7610